Can We Eat to Starve Cancer?

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Is there an answer for cancer? Your AP biologists will be inspired by this lecture on how the foods that we eat stimulate or inhibit the growth of blood vessels, which in turn, bring health or disease to the human body. Research is showing that eating the right foods can prevent cancer. Along with an informative lecture on this website, find multiple choice questions, links to other related talks about preventing, identifying, or reversing disease. Not only is this a fascinating enrichment for biology learners, it would also be a terrific lesson in a nutrition class.

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • Lesson can be flipped, that is, you can add your own introduction, questions, and additional resources to assign to your class
  • Comes with multiple choice and discussion questions
  • Links to other talks about preventing, identifying, and reversing disease
  • At 20 minutes, it might be a little long for your class; consider assigning a viewing of the talk as homework
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