Champion for Democracy? - Woodrow Wilson

New Review

Racist? Man of his time? Master statesman? Naive idealist? Historians still question the political legacy of Woodrow Wilson. Encourage your scholars to engage in the debate by using a biography that traces Wilson's academic and political careers. Part of the larger Who Did What in WW1? series, the video helps viewers get a clearer picture of Wilson and his role in history.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Stimulate debate on Woodrow Wilson's legacy by using the video in a flipped classroom model
  • Offer the video biography as research for project on key figures during World War I
Classroom Considerations

  • Viewer comments on the link may be inappropriate for some learners
  • Biography assumes pupils have some background in American history, such as knowledge of the Gilded Age

  • Biography puts Wilson in a broader context, including his upbringing
  • Research connects Wilson to larger themes in American and world history

  • Embedded advertising may disrupt instruction
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