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Chemical Changes

Your enthusiastic chemists will flip over this entertaining video about matter and its chemical changes! Take an in-depth look into what chemical changes are and the evidence that is observed, such as color, smell, and heat. Then, observe an informative investigation of baking a cake and its results from chemical changes. 


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Instructional Ideas
  • Do some baking; bring in cake batter and a baked cake to prove how the state of matter underwent a chemical change, then sample the cake, but take class allergies into consideration 
  • Create a flipped classroom assignment by giving the link to pupils to watch at home then apply their new found knowledge in the class the following day
Classroom Considerations
  • As stated in the video, remind scholars to not try to recreate the chemical change examples at home 
  • This video is part of a series about matter; to see more videos like this one, click on the links that pop up at the end of the video 
  • This video is hosted on YouTube
  • Concepts are defined verbally and visually alongside detailed examples
  • The video is filled with captivating graphics, sound effects, cartoon characters, and jokes that will surely engage your most stubborn participants  
  • The host speaks rather quickly, some class members may need the video paused or replayed to reinforce comprehension