Check out this clever way to help children learn to navigate daily schedules, choices, and feelings. This application supports the completion of routines and promotes positive choices that can be used at school and home. It is ideal for one or more learners.

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App Overview

There are three boards available to help teach life skills. The schedule board helps create daily, classroom, or life-skill tasks in general, that promote positive task completion. Next, the waiting board helps learners make choices about what they can do while they are waiting for the next task. Finally, the feelings board provides strategies for recognizing and dealing with emotions. There are pictures and audio for each board that the child interacts with as they move through them.

Getting Started:

  1. Click Profiles and then click New, to add a new student.
  2. Add a photo and name.
  3. Create schedules/waiting/feelings for each user.
  4. Model and walk learners through app.


  • Board choices: Schedules, Waiting, Feelings
  • Multiple learners per app can be added
  • Image & sound library (180 images and sounds)
  • Customize by adding your own images & sounds
  • Unlimited boards per user
  • Share and print boards 


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Instructional Ideas

  • Let learners set up their own schedules/waiting/feelings boards
  • Record the user's voice for each picture
  • Allow users to take their own pictures for the boards
  • Pair-up to help create photos and audio for boards
Classroom Considerations

The images are a little small, so it may be important to use audio with each image. The customization of images and audio will be useful for making the app more meaningful to individual learners. Note that there are a limited amount of steps for the iPhone/iPod (5) and iPad (7) for each board.


  • None

  • Not yet available on Andriod