Lesson Plan

Climate, Corals and Change

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Global warming isn't just an issue on land; deep ocean waters are also showing troubling signs. Young scientists learn more about deep water corals and the many recent discoveries researchers have made. Then they examine data related to the water temperatures in these areas. Following a discussion of the trends, a short essay helps teachers evaluate how well classes understand the material.

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Instructional Ideas
  • View maps of your country based on elevation and discover which areas scientists expect to flood based on current global warming predictions
  • Research any new discoveries made on the Davidson Seamount since the writing of this lesson
Classroom Considerations
  • Work on the first row of calculations together to make sure all class members know how to solve them; then divide up the rest of the list to individuals or small groups so they aren't each trying to solve for 244 data points
  • Includes cross-curricular connections to language arts, geography, and life science
  • Offers extension ideas for those wishing to go deeper
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