Community Walk

Invite your pupils to explore their surroundings with a walk around the neighborhood. Learners use their senses to make observations about their surroundings. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • If you'd prefer to do this as a whole class activity, talk a walk around your school together and have kids fill out the form; they can share and compare observations when they get back to the classroom
  • Use this as a starting point for a unit on neighborhoods or communities
  • Inspire your pupils to compose short descriptive paragraphs about their communities, using this observation page for notes
  • Gather data and do some analysis with what your kids have found in their communities; perhaps you can make a class graph to compare and contrast
Classroom Considerations

  • There isn't a lot of space to write in each box, so you may wish to prompt students to write down short observations

  • Encourages class members to step outside and pay attention
  • While simple, the activity could be used to lead into several different subjects

  • None