Compare and Contrast (3)

Sometimes the way a topic is presented in fiction can be very different from how it is in reality. Compare and contrast a topic from both a fiction and nonfiction source with a graphic organizer that prepares kids to write about what they have learned.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have kids choose a topic from a fiction story or book, and then conduct research from an online source or encyclopedia to compare and contrast the real-life situation with its fictional counterpart
  • Use the list of academic language at the top of the page in a reference page or binder for kids to check throughout the year
  • Provides a good list of words to use in any compare and contrast essay
  • Encourages kids to think critically about the ideas they encounter in literature
  • Instructions are not particularly clear; include the sheet in your own project, rather than using it as an assignment by itself
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