Comparing Tape Diagram Solutions to Algebraic Solutions

Learners solve vacation equations with tape in a lesson that uses tape diagrams to aid in the understanding of the algebraic steps used to solve two-step linear equations. Groups work together to solve seven scenarios involving a family vacation by using tape diagrams and equations and then compare the two approaches. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Spend time showing the class how to take a tape diagram and turn it into an equation
  • Have the groups explain the steps involved in using the tape diagram; show that same step via the equation
Classroom Considerations

  • Class members should be familiar with using tape diagrams
  • 18th section in a series of 25

  • The exit ticket provides a choice between the two questions to answer, offering flexibility
  • Solutions for the examples show alternative approaches in solving the equations

  • None
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