Compounds Ending in 'ate'

Tackle polyatomic ions with Sudoku-like games! Nomenclature novices practice identifying the names and constituents of carbonate compounds with a series of puzzles. Scholars can use the resource online or as a worksheet, thanks to the printables in the teacher's guide.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Incorporate the puzzles into a polyatomic ions lesson to help the class become familiar with carbonates
  • Display the chemical formulas of the compounds in the resource to encourage learners to relate the formulas to their names
Classroom Considerations

  • Plan time in the computer lab so individuals can complete the activity
  • Take some time to discuss the portion of the directions that deals with formation of hydroxide compounds

  • Puzzles make a great alternative method for mastering polyatomic ion formulas and names
  • The activity builds logic and reasoning skills

  • None