Conversations with Computers—The Turing Test

This Conversations with Computers—The Turing Test activity & project also includes:

Will the real computer please stand up? The premise of this activity is for the class to ask questions to a human and to a computer and to determine which is which. The class asks a given set of questions, and the person playing the role of the computer responds with scripted answers. The activity is the second part to a three-part series on computer-human interactions.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Lead a discussion about artificial intelligence
  • After the class determines who is the computer, compare the computer answers to answers that Siri would give
Classroom Considerations

  • Choose the four helpers prior to the class in order to prepare them for their roles

  • The What's it All About section has several pages discussing artificial intelligence
  • Provides additional resources for further reading

  • Some of the figuresin the written material seem out of place