Cool to Be Kind

Make a connection between empathy and bullying with a reading passage that has readers thinking about other people's feelings. After reading, learners respond to ten reading comprehension questions involving short answer and multiple choice.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas

  • Instruct readers to highlight their answers within the text in order to demonstrate understanding of the answers they chose
  • Include in a unit on emotional intelligences, teaching empathy, or bullying curriculum
  • Copy front to back to reduce the amount of paper used
  • Give the paired text and questions as homework, and use the two-passage question set as a basis for discussion
Classroom Considerations

  • Passage is a Lexile® 890 reading level
  • Uses data from 2010

  • Comes with an answer key, a paired text with questions, an answer key for the paired text, and a set of questions that uses the original text and paired text as a basis for the answers
  • Common Core-designed passage and questions

  • None
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