Copy and Bisect an Angle

More constructions! In this third installment of a 36-part series, learners watch a YouTube video on creating door trim to see how to bisect an angle. They then investigate how to copy an angle by ordering a given list of steps.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Point out window or door trims (if any) in the classroom and have learners consider how these frames are made before showing the video clip
Classroom Considerations

  • A class set of scissors is required for Mathematical Modeling Exercise Two
  • It's possible that the introductory portion of the lesson (Geometry Assumptions) could take longer than indicated, especially if class members have not had previous formal geometry instruction

  • Investigations allow learners to develop their own ideas rather than simply being provided with a complete list of steps for constructions
  • Lesson begins with the simpler task of bisecting an angle, then progresses to the more difficult construction of copying an angle

  • The problem set includes four angles to bisect, but only one angle to copy; some additional practice may be beneficial