Creating Awareness through Action Oriented Writing and Research

Middle schoolers aren't too young to feel strongly about politics, social issues, consumer rights, or environmental problems. Demonstrate the first steps toward social change with a project about action-oriented writing. Eighth graders research a listed issue by watching a documentary and reading more information before drafting a persuasive letter to their chosen CEO or politician.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Encourage pairs or small groups to work together on a single issue, from conducting research to formatting letters
  • Have your class present their arguments and read their letters in front of the class before mailing
  • Share any responses from the letters with the class on a Social Action bulletin board
  • Design a cross-curricular assignment between social studies and language arts to address all aspects of the project
Classroom Considerations

  • Project is based on the textbook Dream of a Nation, which is available as an ebook in the attached resources
  • Aimed toward eighth graders, but applicable to middle schoolers and high schooler alike
  • Letter rubric is not available through the link, but you can find it on the publisher's website, or use your own rubric

  • Provides all necessary templates and graphic organizers for the assignment
  • Aligned to writing and language Common Core standards
  • Comes with a list of relevant topics for research, including green energy, childhood obesity, prison reform, public school systems, and healthcare inequality, as well as documentaries that align to each topic

  • None