Creating Functions with Parameters

This Creating Functions with Parameters lesson plan also includes:

The pupils practice modifying parameters in a function to add variations to their under the sea scene. The resource also introduces random number functions that alter the scene every time the program runs.

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Instructional Ideas

  • After watching the video have the class brainstorm ways that parameters could have helped with some of the previous tasks
  • To reinforce the naming of the parameters, have class members share the names for the parameters used in their functions
Classroom Considerations

  • Create function cards with parameter blanks to help pupils remember the format of the parameters in their functions
  • The eighth lesson in a series of ten

  • The teaching tips provide a suggestion on where it might be a good spot to bring the class back together before moving on to the rest of the lesson
  • The Under the Sea tasks build upon each other to highlight the importance of parameters within functions

  • A few of the sentences in the teacher overview are a little awkward but not enough to effect the lesson