Creating Linear Inequalities in One Variable

This Creating Linear Inequalities in One Variable presentation also includes:

Just when a young mathematician starts to feel comfortable turning word problems into linear equations, shake things up and throw inequalities in the mix. This excellent, instructive presentation takes the steps for solving an equality word problem and applies them to inequalities. A fabulous chart for identifying key inequality terms and their math meanings is a must-see, as are the interactive applets pre-loaded with numbers from the example problems. A great re-teaching or introduction to word problems in inequalities tool.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Consider using as a remediation tool when teaching compound inequalities or for advanced learners when teaching solving equation word problems
  • Assign a current events or news scan for learners to find and write the inequality phrases identified in the presentation in algebraic notation
  • Link presentation on class website for viewing prior to class in a flipped classroom model or for individual help when completing homework in a traditional setting
  • If timing in the season allows, have learners transcribe sports information for tournaments in inequality notation. For example, the red team needs at least 3 runs to win this game
Classroom Considerations

  • Viewing the PowerPoint presentation requires ability to open a *.pptx file
  • Internet access and updated Java player required to access the linked applets in the lesson 
  • Coverage of graphing notation only deals with strict inequalities and open dots without any coverage of inclusive inequality graphing 

  • Breakdown of word problems into approachable parts
  • Attack strategies explicitly taught and used
  • Inequality word cues listed out and explained
  • Common mistakes and misconceptions detailed
  • Interactive applet for application of technology to the lesson
  • Careful treatment of rounding and units within context

  • No independent practice/homework problems available
Common Core