Lesson Plan

Defining Culture

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How has culture shaped you? Middle and high schoolers examine different aspects of one's culture, including religious beliefs, social customs, and family traditions, and discuss the ways that their personalities have been formed by these influences around them.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have learners fill out the worksheet on behalf of a fictional character, either from a class novel or their own writing
  • Place class members in heterogenous groups for them to discuss different cultures and backgrounds
  • Use the extension as a final assessment for a unit on multicultural values and acceptance
  • Introduce the concept of cultural values before reading a multicultural novel
Classroom Considerations
  • Does not include a rubric or additional instructions for the extension activity
  • Establish a respectful and supportive class atmosphere before asking learners to discuss personal values and beliefs
  • Promotes open conversation and discussion skills
  • Provides an in-depth worksheet that is versatile for other lessons about culture
  • None