Defining Our Obligations to Others

Introduce young learners to the concept of a Universe of Obligation, a term coined by sociologist Helen Fein, with a lesson that asks learners to consider the extent to which they feel a responsibility for others. Class members read and discuss an article about the Universe of Obligation and reflect on the benefits and costs of group membership.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Preview the PowerPoint before beginning the lesson to access information about the rationales and context of the slides
Classroom Considerations
  • Lesson 9 of 15 in the Standing Up for Democracy unit
  • The lessons build on concepts developed in earlier activities and should be taught in order
  • Requires a free account to access the PowerPoint presentation
  • The final lesson in the "We and They" section of the unit 
  • A link is provided to a mid-unit assessment
  • The lesson builds on concepts developed in pervious lesson
  • None