Desert Dwellers

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What can a quarter possibly teach young learners about desert ecosystems? More than you might think. After displaying and discussing the included picture of the Arizona state quarter, the class participates in a series of shared reading activities as they learn about the plants and animals that call the desert home.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Teach this lesson as part of a primary grade life science unit on ecosystems
  • When discussing desert species, have pictures of plants and animals for the class to sort through as they identify those that live in desert
  • Use pictures of plants and animals to guide a class discussion about characteristics that allow the certain species to survive in the harsh desert environment
  • With young children still learning to write, have them play a game of charades or pictionary instead of creating riddles about desert plants and animals
Classroom Considerations

  • Lists of books about Arizona and the Sonoran desert are provided in the lesson. Check with your school or local library for copies of these or other books to read aloud during this lesson

  • Includes options for differentiating and extending the lesson to meet all children's learning needs
  • Allows students to creatively demonstrate their learning by writing riddles about different desert plants and animals
  • A note-taking guide is included for children to record 

  • None