Easter | All About the Holidays

What does Easter have to do with bunnies? Find out with a brief and entertaining video that details the history of the holiday and why we celebrate it in spring with animals and eggs.  

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Instructional Ideas
  • Play the video at the start of your in-class Easter celebration or prior to the holiday to spark interest 
  • Send the link home for learners to watch with their families then discuss their findings when they return to school  
  • Pose the video's final question in a grand conversation or on a classroom blog 
Classroom Considerations
  • Easter takes place on a Sunday between March 22nd and April 25th
  • The video explains Easter from a religious stand-point, check your school's rules about incorporating religious education into the day as well as class members' religious beliefs 
  • Includes three additional videos related to Easter 
  • Narrator is energetic to maintain watchers' focus
  • None