End-Of-Year Practice Test (Grade 3, ELA/Literacy)

The end of the year has arrived, which means it's time to find out what your third graders have learned with this practice Common Core assessment. Presented with one narrative and one expository reading passage, young learners answer a series of evidence-based multiple choice questions that challenge their reading comprehension skills.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Use these assessments as a chance to teach your class different test-taking strategies
  • After completing the test, go through the questions as a whole class and ask students to share their reasoning for the answers they chose
Classroom Considerations

  • Schedule time in the computer lab for your students to practice taking computer-based assessments
  • Though the reading passages for the online and paper versions of the test are the same, the questions have minor differences
  • For students with vision impairments a large-print version of the assessment is available, but your printer may or may not support the creation of documents this size

  • Both an online and paper version of the practice test are available
  • Answer keys are provided for both versions of the test as well as a general rubric for assessing student learning

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Included Materials - Join to Access

  • Large Print Paper-Based Practice Test
  • Computer-Based Practice Test
  • Answer Key, Online Assessment
  • Grade 3 Generic Rubrics
  • Answer Key, Paper-Base Assessment