English/Spanish Cognates: Food

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Everyone loves food! Help your English language learners pick up some vocabulary with a series of activities based around cognates and food. Pupils practice each word and focus on the words in-depth by filling out Frayer model worksheets. Additional activities and extensions are also included.

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Instructional Ideas
  • While originally designed for teaching English language learners, these same materials could also be used to teach Spanish language learners
Classroom Considerations
  • The poster mentioned in the resource can be found in the materials, but is not free; you may want to look at the thumbnail for reference and then create your own version
  • Comes with a blank Frayer model worksheet to use with any word, a list of the cognates and related images, and an additional worksheet for comparing the cognates
  • Does not include the cognate strips and cards mentioned and used throughout the activities; consider creating your own using the provided word list or having pupils write the words down instead of using cards