Evaluating Conflicting Evidence: Sultana

This Evaluating Conflicting Evidence: Sultana lesson plan also includes:

What sunk the Sultana? Scholars become investigators to uncover the facts behind the 1865 sinking just after the end of the Civil War. Through group work, videos, and primary documents, they research and analyze why 1,800 men died. History detectives, unite! 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Combine groups (A, B, C and D) into two teams and debate the cause of the sinking of the Sultana
Classroom Considerations

  • Group sizes should be no more than three
  • Laminate photos of the Sultana and primary documents for repeated handling and use

  • Printable primary documents available for classroom use
  • Includes brief videos to use as a preview or review tool for the lesson on the Sultana

  • The reproducible link titled “The Sinking of the Sultana: The Evidence” under Materials is broken