Explore Watersheds

What makes a watershed? What are the natural and human features of a watershed? How do human features affect watersheds? Where can I find my local watershed? These questions are thoroughly explained in an informative watershed interactive.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Compare and contrast the natural and human features of watersheds in a Venn diagram
  • Find a watershed in your area by entering your zip code. Then, have group members conduct research on their local watershed by using the provided link
Classroom Considerations

  • Explore the natural watershed features and the human factors in a watershed
  • Best if you have learners complete the science notebook pages while exploring the interactive
  • Interactive can be explore independently or as a whole class; ensure headphones or speakers are available
  • Part of a collection of water interactives

  • Interactive includes a video, activity, worksheets, parent and teacher tips, educator resources (that can be downloaded for free by entering an e-mail address), a quiz, and standards alignment

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