Exploring Text with the iMovie Application

Get your class going on one of the final assessments for a unit on short stories by introducing iMovie and its main features. In this tenth lesson plan in a series of fourteen, pupils take some time to explore iMovie before conducting an active reading of their chosen short story. See the assessments page in the materials for more information about the project.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Classroom Considerations

  • The plan suggests that you invite a technology expert to your class to introduce iMovie; however, if you are proficient in the program, you could easily teach it to your class or create a tutorial
  • The plan provides a quick guide to iMovie, which may be out of date; see that resource and Apple's iMovie help page in the materials

  • Requires learners to convey ideas using technology
  • Invites pupils to take the time to read their stories closely

  • The lesson procedures are very brief, and you will need to flesh them out quite a bit before you can conduct this lesson