Unit Plan

Fairy Tales

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Once upon a time are four words most children are familiar with when reading a fairy tale. But do they know that fairy tales are a great way to learn the literary elements of reading and writing? Use a thorough fairy tale unit to teach the basics of this type of story—a beginning, middle, and an end with a problem to be solved, with a lesson to be learned

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have writers create their own fairy tale using the story map resource as a graphic organizer to jot down their ideas before writing
  • If time permits, put the class into four groups and give them a fairy tale to perform in front of the class; have them bring in props and make their own costumes out of paper bags or recycled materials
Classroom Considerations
  • Unit includes two weeks of lessons that can easily be broken apart to fit classroom needs 
  • Review the materials and preparation for some of the lessons ahead of time
  • If computers are not available in the classroom, be sure to schedule time in the school's computer lab 
  • Provides ideas for creating cross-curricular connections with math and science
  • Writing activities engages children with literary elements
  • Lesson plans begin on day five, the first four lesson plans are missing on resource