Lesson Plan

Features of Culture

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Explore the melting pot in your own classroom with a lesson that focuses on cultural beliefs, traditions, and traits. Middle and high schoolers examine the details of their own identified cultures before sharing them with peers, and discussing the similarities and differences between each. Additionally, they participate in a discussion about American culture and how it has shaped them personally.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • If the majority of your class is from the same cultural community, have them think about other aspects of their culture — sports culture, religious culture, generational culture, etc.
  • Create heterogenous groups for learners to discover more about each others' cultures
  • Pair with a multicultural novel unit or when discussing world cultures in social studies
  • Use during the first few weeks of school as way for class members to get to know each other
  • Project the worksheets on the board for learners to copy down in a notebook
Classroom Considerations
  • Part of a longer unit on cultural identity
  • Comes with two worksheets for short answers and discussion points
  • Helpful for establishing an empathetic and supportive atmosphere in the classroom
  • None