Unit Plan

Fractions as Numbers

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Your learners will enjoy thoroughly understanding fractions, and you will appreciate the abundant, quality resources in this comprehensive unit that builds toward a complete understanding of the concept of fractions as numbers. Many graphic organizers will clarify concepts for learners, as a plethora of activities and worksheets provide practice. Fraction equivalence, magnitude, number lines, whole numbers as fractions, and converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions are all addressed over seven activities. Whether you want to prepare your own lesson plan, or simply follow the sample activities provided, this thoughtfully written guide includes everything you need to efficiently create an excellent learning experience.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use this unit to teach fractions as numbers to third, fourth, and fifth grade learners, or as an intervention for older learners that struggle with fraction concepts
  • Use this comprehensive, research-grounded guide to efficiently write your own high-quality lesson plan, or use the sample activities provided to create an excellent learning experience focused on the concepts of fractions as numbers
Classroom Considerations
  • Organize balanced collaborative learning groups during the planning phase of this unit
  • Copy the needed graphic organizers and worksheets ahead of time 
  • Includes purpose, overview, and standards of unit
  • Includes vocabulary terms with definitions, examples, and diagrams in the context of fractions as numbers 
  • Lessons purposely teach conceptual understanding of fractions
  • Includes quality scaffolding, lesson plans, activities, worksheets, graphic organizers and colored masters of manipulatives used to learn fractions
  • Includes sample solutions and sample incorrect solutions
  • Includes mixed fractions worksheets as well as worksheets on fraction equivalence and magnitude
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