Grade 11 ELA Module 3: Researching Multiple Perspectives to Develop a Position

This Grade 11 ELA Module 3: Researching Multiple Perspectives to Develop a Position unit also includes:

The only way that a heinous act of genocide can succeed is if citizens of surrounding groups and countries turn their backs on those suffering. A thorough language arts module addresses shared central ideas with three separate units, each focusing on different nonfiction texts. The first unit prompts learners to take a closer look at Elie Wiesel's 1986 Nobel Prize Lecture, "Hope, Despair, and Memory," while the second unit offers opportunities for individual research with articles on genocide and war crimes. Once they reach the third unit, high schoolers embark on their own research projects that culminate in a video assessment to demonstrate their understanding.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Connect to a social studies unit when studying the Holocaust, the Rwandan genocide, or other historical events that connect to the central ideas
  • Modify the technological requirements of the final assessment based on your class's access to tablets, the Internet, or video cameras
Classroom Considerations
  • Designed for use after the previous module
  • Unit plan takes 42 days to complete, including the performances assessment
  • Module is 613 pages long and does not have a table of contents for organization; refer to page 40 in the PDF for an overview of Unit 1, page 221 for an overview of Unit 2, and page 436 for an overview of Unit 3
  • Though the module plan offers links to each article, many direct to the source's main page, so you'll need to locate the specific articles yourself
  • Refer to page 12 of the PDF for a module planning calendar
  • Locate the Performance Assessment on page 16, the last part of the full module
  • Provides all necessary graphic organizers, reading passages, model writing excerpts, and assessment tools
  • Connects to all areas of 11th grade Common Core standards
  • Comes with a doc version of the module as well
  • None