Harold the Robot — Thinking About Programming Languages

This Harold the Robot — Thinking About Programming Languages activity & project also includes:

Get young programmers thinking about programming languages with an activity that asks class members to craft directions for one person (teacher, another adult, or a class mate) acting as a robot. Participants direct the robot to construct a tower out of blocks while the robot only responds to those directions that it understands. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have the class keep up with the directions that Harold is unable to follow
  • Develop a set of commands the robot can respond to prior to beginning the activity and only let the robot know what they are
Classroom Considerations

  • Needs a set of wooden blocks or something similar to build a tower

  • Provides an additional task that reinforces the ideas in Marching Orders

  • Does not provide directions for the robot to follow; the class makes them up on the fly