Histograms and Venn Diagrams

There are many different options for graphing data, which can be overwhelming even for experienced mathematcians. This time, the focus is on histograms and Venn diagrams that highlight the frequency of a range of data and overlap of data. Individuals learn to represent data in a frequency table and then create a picture of the data using a histogram. They then recognize overlap in categorical data and emphasize that intersection with a Venn diagram.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Post as a resource for absent pupils and as a review option
  • Ask individuals to collect their own data using a simple survey, then create an appropriate graph to represent the data
Classroom Considerations

  • Follows several lessons in this series dedicated to graphing and analyzing data

  • Highlights the differences between a bar graph and a histogram
  • Provides sample and practice problems to gain more experience creating and reading graphs

  • None
Common Core