Homework Chart

Help your learners keep track of their homework and other assignments due with this chart. Kids can note down their assignments for each day of the week, including the weekend. You might fill out the entire month or mark down each class along the left side.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Map out a plan for finishing a large assignment on this calendar
  • If you have a student with special needs who has had difficulty keeping track of homework assignments, work with the special education teacher to try out this calendar
Classroom Considerations

  • Since the far-left column is blank, you could fill out any information here: particular projects, certain classes, other tips and reminders, etc.

  • Kids can see all their homework in one place and work on planning out large assignments by writing in shorter goals on their calendars

  • There isn't a lot of space to write in, so learners will need to be brief with their descriptions