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How Do Fish Make Electricity?

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Shocking! Share the story of electric fish with young biologists for a fascinating lesson in specialized cells. The narrator of the video describes how some species of fish generate electric current, differentiates between weakly and strongly electric fish, and the mysteries surrounding the phenomenon that have not yet been explained.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Add the resource to a unit about marine ecosystems or cell specialization
  • Extend the lesson by having pupils brainstorm ways the specialized cells in electric fish could be used to generate electricity for human use
Classroom Considerations
  • Have students create a free TEDEd account to access supplemental materials
  • Pupils should be familiar with the sodium-potassium pump before watching the video
  • Resource includes an assessment
  • The content is very interesting and presented clearly
  • Extension activities included with the video give additional insight into the history of electric fish research
  • None
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