How Do Your Kidneys Work?

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If humans can live without one kidney, how important can they really be? Investigate the vital role these organs play in filtering our blood, removing waste, and managing our bodies' water supply with this short animated video.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use this resource to enhance a life science unit on the human body systems
  • Create a note-taking guide or vocabulary sheet for students to complete while watching this video
  • Flip your classroom by assigning this video and short quiz as homework, discussing the material in the class the following day

  • Animations engage viewers and support the content being presented
  • Key terms relating to the kidneys are displayed on the screen at multiple points throughout the video
  • Video comes with a short assessment that includes five multiple choice and three free-response questions
  • Website allows teachers to develop their own customized lessons based on the video

  • None