How I Get to School

Find out how many of your learners take the bus, how many walk, and how many bike with a quick survey. Class members gather data about how each individual gets to school and mark the results on this page in order to create a bar graph.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Include this as part of a lesson or unit on transportation
  • Have kids walk around and talk with one another in order to gather all the data and then create a class graph together to compare and check results
  • Ask pupils to raise hands when you call out each category and have kids fill out the graph along with you
  • Complete this graph each day of a week to see how it changes from day to day
  • Come up with some sentence frames for students to use when discussing and comparing the data
Classroom Considerations

  • Note that the graph only goes up to 16; if more than 16 kids fit into one category, you'll need to extend the graph or come up with another way to mark the results

  • The worksheet will help learners intuitively create bar graphs as they take down data
  • Creates opportunities to talk about data, compare results, practice graphing, and cover different methods of transportation
  • Easily adaptable to go along with English language development

  • None