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How Much Data is Enough?

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The next time you read a magazine or watch the news, make note of how many graphs you see because they are everywhere! Here, scholars collect, enter, and graph data using computers. The graphs are then analyzed to aid in discussion of global warming. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Place scholars in pairs
  • Model how to read the data sheets, enter the data, and turn data into a graph
Classroom Considerations
  • Find the explanation for the temperature anomalies in the resources
  • Reserve computer lab or have enough computers for everyone or pairs; classes must use Excel or a similar program in which graphs can be constructed from data
  • Data may be overwhelming or confusing for middle school classes; teachers may want to use different data for this age group in order to keep the focus on the analysis of graphs
  • Activity links to extensive data set for participants to use
  • Reinforces math concepts and graphing for cross curricular connections
  • None
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