How the Bendy Straw Was Invented

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Sitting in a soda parlor, Joseph Freedman notices the difficulty his young daughter has trying to drink from the paper straw in her milkshake. This sparks the invention of a bendy straw. Watch to learn more about this small but widely used invention.

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CCSS: Adaptable

Instructional Ideas

  • Recreate the bendy straw invention in an engineering and design class
  • Think about and discuss other uses for the bendy straw
  • Spark curiosity in class members by asking them why they think Freedman had a screw in his possession at the time of the invention
Classroom Considerations

  • Use the provided links to watch other Moment of Vision episodes that are in the series

  • Graphics help demonstrate how the bendy straw was designed and invented
  • Comes with links to research, the video, and a quiz to check for understanding

  • None