Unit Plan

Human Impact on Ecosystems

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This Human Impact on Ecosystems unit plan also includes:

An environmenta science unit includes three lessons plus a cumulative project covering the ecosystem. Scholars follow the history of the Ford Rouge Factory from its construction on wetlands and how it destroyed the environment to its transformation to a LEED-certified factory that helps rebuild the ecosystem. In the process, pupils build their own model of a green roof and test its water filtration properties.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Visit the Ford Rogue Factory Tour if possible
  • A field trip to a nature center or wetland would reinforce the concepts in this unit
  • Research your school's environmental policies and recommend changes to protect the environment when possible
Classroom Considerations
  • Reserve the computer lab for the unit if you don't have enough classroom computers
  • Includes assessments with each lesson, and a culminating project acts as a summative assessment
  • Each lesson uses a 5E format
  • Highlights vocabulary throughout
  • Provides answer keys 
  • Offers extensions for every lesson
  • Final project is based on RAFT model
  • Project options include online or offline and individual or small group work
  • None