Human Rights Defined

Class members continue their investigation of the factors that influence migration with a lesson on human rights. As they examine the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and selected US Constitutional Amendments, learners compare the rights identified in the documents. They then consider how global inequalities influence human rights and force migration.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • To reinforce the concept of inequality, all the units of currency should have the same value so it is readily apparent that the wealthy countries have the largest bag of currency
Classroom Considerations
  • The second in a series of 13 related resources designed to be used in order
  • Requires multiple copies of a color-coded map and of the worksheets
  • The Global Inequality activity requires additional set up time
  • The 12-page packet includes a detailed plan, abbreviated versions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and of selected US Constitutional Amendments, a comparison worksheet, and a global inequality map
  • None