Hundred Chart Digit Game

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Math games, especially in the primary grades, provide great opportunities for developing the number sense of young mathematicians. Working in pairs with a deck of single-digit cards, students take turns drawing two cards and reading the two-digit numbers that can be made with those cards, before choosing one of those numbers to cover on their 100 chart. The game ends when one child successfully covers at least one number in each row of the chart. For children struggling to read numbers from left to right or to understand the role of zeros in multi-digit numbers, this activity provides them with the practice they need. Familiarize the class with the rules of the game by first playing it as a whole class before offering it as a center during math rotations in primary grade classrooms.

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CCSS: Designed
  • Provides suggestions for extending learning about two-digit numbers
  • Describes different levels of understanding students may demonstrate while playing the game
  • Requires the teacher to provide each pair of students with a 100 chart, a set of digit cards, and colored chips
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