Investigate Fresh Water

It's all about freshwater in this water interactive! Users navigate through freshwater habitats such as lakes, rivers, and wetlands, taking note of the animals that live there. They also look at a desert habitat for comparison. Learners show what they know in a brief quiz.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Put pupils in groups of three or four and have them create a Take Action! poster on fresh water conservation, and then have them present their posters to the class
  • Use the interactive as a bridge between water sources and conservation of water
Classroom Considerations

  • Best used in a study of Earth's water sources and types
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  • Resource is part of a series of water interactives

  • Comes with a science notebook for pupils to fill out after or as they explore the interactive
  • Includes teacher and parent tips for using the site, as well as a video, and standards alignment for the lessons

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