Juliet 2: Feisty, Funny and Determined

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One of the reasons Romeo and Juliet remains popular over time is the fact that teenagers relate to the main characters. A lesson, part of the Shakespeare English Exercises series, discusses the character of Juliet. While watching the video, English language learners complete exercises that check for understanding, and then learn about prepositions.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Pull out excerpts from the play and ask learners to describe Juliet's character
  • Create a chart where teens describe how they connect to the characters in Romeo and Juliet
Classroom Considerations

  • Expects students have read or at least know of the characters in the play Romeo and Juliet

  • Uses an actress who has played Juliet to offer a unique point of view
  • Connects the content to common issues teenagers face

  • Video features some pauses and switches topics abruptly in some places
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