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215 resources with the concept dramatic plays

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Biography of Mary Cassatt for Kids: Famous Artists for Children - FreeSchool Video
Biography of Mary Cassatt for Kids: Famous...
How Computers Work: What Makes a Computer, a Computer? Video
How Computers Work: What Makes a Computer,...
How to paint a watercolor and ink flower bouquet | Watercolor Flower Painting Video
How to paint a watercolor and ink flower...
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51 Items in Collection
Lesson Planet

Crash Course Theater and Drama

For Students 9th - 12th Standards
Forsooth! Here’s a collection that has everything you ever wanted to know about the theater and drama—everyone from Aristotle to Chikamatsu, from Moliere to Shakespeare to Williams. From Banraku to Zaju, every type from comedy to...
Lesson Planet

Changing One's Tune: A Music Therapy STEM Integrated Project

For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
A music therapy STEM integrated project combines science and language arts. Pupils listen to music, learn about music physics, build and play instruments, write songs, and share their musical creations. They study different intervals and...

EngageNY Grade 10 ELA Module 4: How Do Authors Use Craft and Structure to Develop Characters and Ideas?

For Teachers 10th Standards
Nonfiction and dramatic text take center stage in a three-unit module that focuses on how authors convey and develop central ideas. In Unit 1, E. B. White’s “Death of a Pig” provides sophomores with an opportunity to analyze the...

EngageNY Grade 6 ELA Module 3a: Understanding Perspectives: The Land of the Golden Mountain

For Teachers 6th Standards
How does an author’s culture influence their perspective and point of view? Moreover, how does an author’s purpose affect their point of view? These are the questions middle schoolers investigate in a three-unit module that uses works by...

EngageNY Grade 6 ELA Module 3a: Unit 3: Researching and Interpreting Information: How the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire Affected the People of San Francisco

For Teachers 6th Standards
To conclude the module, sixth-graders research factual information about the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire to make connections to literary texts about the disaster. After learning about the features of a newspaper article, young...

EngageNY Grade 8 ELA Module 2b: A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Comedy of Control

For Teachers 8th Standards
A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the anchor text in a three-unit module that has eighth graders examine how Shakespeare develops the theme of control. Young scholars look at why and how the characters seek control and the results of...
14 Items in Collection
Lesson Planet

Shakespeare Videos

For Students 9th - 12th Standards
Actors share insights into some of Shakespeare’s most famous characters, plays, and about Shakespeare himself. Each video in the Shakespeare English Exercises collection has interactive exercise as well as a transcript. Activities for...

EngageNY Grade 7 ELA: Module 2b, Unit 2

For Teachers 7th Standards
The 19 lessons that make up the second unit in the 2B Module collection continue the study of identity. George Bernard Shaw's play, Pygmalion, serves as the anchor text and readers track the development of Eliza's character. The unit...

EngageNY Grade 8 ELA: Module 2b, Unit 1: Building Background Knowledge: Understanding Shakespeare and Launching A Midsummer Night’s Dream

For Teachers 8th Standards
A Midsummer Night's Dream takes center stage in a collection of 18 resources that explore not only William Shakespeare's appeal but also the question of authorship of the plays attributed to him. Eighth graders participate in read aloud...
Lesson Planet

RSC Activity Toolkit: Othello

For Teachers 10th - 12th
Jealousy, betrayal, revenge! Hello, content! The Royal Shakespeare Company's Othello toolkit is a must-have for any in-depth study of one of Shakespeare's most famous tragedies. The 25-page packet is divided into 20 sections, each...
Lesson Planet

King Lear Teacher Pack 2013

For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
The King Lear Teacher Pack 2013 is designed to prepare pupils for watching the Royal Shakespeare Company's film version of King Lear. The eight activities in the pack help learners unpack the themes, events, and language of Shakespeare's...
Lesson Planet

RSC Activity Toolkit: Hamlet

For Teachers 11th - Higher Ed
There is a method in a 28-page Hamlet toolkit. Rogues, peasant slaves, and young actors have an opportunity to engage in 11 activities that enable them to experience Hamlet in a whole new way. What a piece of work!
Lesson Planet

A Christmas Carol - The Story

For Students 5th - 8th Standards
Thirty-six pages familiarize scholars with the story and vocabulary of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. After reading and listening to an abbreviated version of the holiday tale learners show what they know about the sequence of...
Lesson Planet

Twelfth Night

For Students 9th - 12th Standards
Whether you choose to include Twelfth Night in your course or whether Shakespeare's comedy has been thrust upon you, be not afraid to incorporate an interactive resource into your study of Shakespeare's tale of loss, love, and identity....
Lesson Planet


For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
The house lights dim, the curtain parts, lights slowly come up, revealing the stage. Before the actors appear, before a word is spoken, the audience is drawn in by the lighting, by the colors, by lines of the set, by the props, and...
Lesson Planet

The Lion King—The Broadway Musical Study Guide

For Students 6th - 12th Standards
Musicals have been adapted from stage plays, novels, and movies. With The Lion King, Disney transforms its animated film into show-stopping, live-action musical theatre. The guide Disney provides to accompany a study of the award-winning...
Lesson Planet

Teaching Playwriting in Schools

For Teachers 1st - 12th Standards
The world is a stage, and so is your classroom! Hone the skills of the next generation of Tony® award winners with a set of exercises, reference pages, writing prompts, and excerpts from famous plays.
Lesson Planet

Reel to Real: Adapting Macbeth Throne of Blood

For Teachers 9th - Higher Ed Standards
It's a tale of life, retold by a genius, full of sound and fury. Akira Kurosawa's Throne of Blood takes center stage in a resource that spotlights how the director adapted the characters and themes in Shakespeare's Macbeth to Japanese...
Lesson Planet

"Shakespeare and Star Wars": Lesson Plan Day 3

For Teachers 6th - 12th Standards
To make the point that there are many forms of language, each with its own purpose, class members select 10 lines from Doescher's play, translate these lines first into contemporary English and then into "SMS/Tweet." 
Lesson Planet

Career Connections | Senior Vice President of Theatre Operations

For Students 6th - 12th
New ReviewWhat's involved in making sure the show does go on? Go behind the curtain with Gina Vernaci, the senior vice president of theatre operations for the second largest theatre district in the United States. Vernaci details all the roles she...
1 In 1 Collection 12:12
Lesson Planet

Hrotsvitha, Hildegard, and the Nun who Resurrected Theater: Crash Course Theater #9

For Students 11th - Higher Ed Standards
The ninth video in the Crash Course Theatre series focuses on how two women brought theater back into the Christian world. Canoness Hrotsvitha, the first female playwright and Hildegard of Bingen, a nun who composed liturgical dramas,...
Lesson Planet

A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
A set of 14 primary sources provides background for a study of Lorraine Hansberry's drama, A Raisin in the Sun. Featured are images from stage productions of the play, white supremacy protests, a clip from a television interview, and...
Lesson Planet

Classical Greek: Set Text Guide Sophocles Antigone

For Teachers 9th - Higher Ed
Check out this 21-page text guide if Sophocles' Antigone is part of your course content. Packed with background information, suggested talking points, and activities, the guide is a must-have for instructors using the Greek tragedy. 
2 In 2 Collections
Lesson Planet

Researching: Eyewitness Accounts, Part 1

For Teachers 6th Standards
Time to go on a quote hunt! Because learners cannot interview real eye witnesses for their newspaper articles, they read through text The Great Earthquake and Fires of 1906 looking for quotes to answer their questions. Learners complete...