Key Features of Graphs

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The key is ... After a day of instruction on key features of graphs, groups create a poster and presentation on the key features of their given function graph. The resource provides an extension activity of "telephone" using graphs.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Instead of direct instruction the first day, have groups research the vocabulary terms and present them to the rest of the class
  • Groups can keep their graphs secret and have the class draw the graph based upon the key features given during the presentation
Classroom Considerations

  • Use functions that are familiar to the class to begin the lesson, or ones that are clearly not a specific type of a function
  • Based on the level of the course, the interval notation may need to be expressed as compound inequalities

  • The resource is created specifically for the standard F-IF.4
  • Relevant to either Algebra I or Algebra II lessons

  • None
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