Learn to Code: Variables and Basic Data Types

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Explore the fundamentals of coding in Javascript with the first video of this four-part series. After learning about the three basic data types — strings, numbers, and Boolean — young programmers are taught how to create, define, and manipulate variables in simple lines of code.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Supplement a computer programming unit on JavaScript with this series of instructional videos on coding basics
  • Allow students to follow along and practice the coding techniques explained by the presenter
  • Pause the video as needed to offer more detailed instruction or answer any questions
  • Have students watch the video individually, providing them with a series of coding tasks to perform afterward to demonstrate their learning

  • Video uses screen capture to offer visual demonstrations of the coding concepts being presented
  • Clear explanations are provided for each line of code written in the video

  • Presentation of the content material is a little dry and may not capture the engagement of all learners
  • Resource is a YouTube video, which your site's Internet usage policy may or may not allow