Learn to Code: Working with Variables

Building on prior knowledge about defining variables, the second video in this series on coding explains how to perform simple operations with data in JavaScript. Introducing first the concept of statements, the video goes on to demonstrate how to write and manipulate code involving a set of four variables.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • View this video during a computer programming lesson on creating statements in JavaScript
  • Occasionally pause the video to add more detailed instruction, answer questions, and allow students to follow along
  • Allow pupils to view the video independently, completing a set of coding tasks afterward to demonstrate their learning

  • Presenter uses screen capture to visually model the coding concepts described in the video
  • Thorough explanations are provided for each line of code

  • Content material is a little dry, and may not fully engage all learners
  • Resource is a YouTube video, which may or may not be permitted by your school site's Internet usage policy
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