Learning from Smallpox: How to Eradicate a Disease

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Throughout history, humans have been forced to overcome diseases that have threatened the survival of our species. This short instructional video focuses on one such disease—smallpox, the first and only disease to be completely eradicated—and the lessons that it has taught us about the treatment of other viruses.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • View this video during a health lesson series on disease prevention in middle or high school
  • Extend learning by having students research the attempts to cure other deadly diseases
  • Flip your science classroom by assigning this video and short assessment as homework and discussing the material in class the following day

  • Colorful animations that visually support the content being presented
  • Website allows teachers to develop their own customized lessons based on the content of the video
  • Included with the video is a brief assessment with five multiple choice and three open-ended questions

  • None