Lesson Three: Prepositions

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Learning prepositions can be tricky in any language, and English is no exception! Try out the activities described here to help your English language learners grasp the difference between in and on and through and by. After a game of vocabulary charades, class members review prepositions, practice them in a song, and apply this practice for a game of adapted Uno.

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  • Includes warm-up activity, direct instruction, a song to use for practice, and a game idea
  • The author has written a reflection on how the lesson was received; this will help other teachers modify the plan for successful implementation
  • The preposition Uno game requires a great deal of preparation; consider asking class members to make a card each and use those to make a deck instead of making all of them on your own
  • While described in the plan, not all materials are included; check out the author's online portfolio for ideas