Levers that Lift

Introduce your class to to the remaining three simple machines-- the lever, pulley, and the wheel-and-axle with a plan that includes the three different types of levers in the discussion of levers. The activity continues with the discussion of the mechanical advantage of the three newly introduced simple machines and makes the connection to the amount of work needed based upon a machines mechanical advantage.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Provide diagrams of levers, pulleys, and wheel-and-axles, and have the class determine their mechanical advantages
  • Bring in complex machines and have class members draw and label the simple machines they contain
Classroom Considerations

  • Be sure to understand how to calculate the mechanical advantage of each of the simple machines in the lesson, realizing that they will calculate each lever type differently, even with the same formula
  • The fifth in a 10-part series

  • The plan provides the formulas in order to calculate the mechanical advantage of the simple machines in the lesson
  • Includes a vocabulary list with definitions 

  • The lesson plan does not detail the instructional strategy required
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