Likes & Dislikes

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to food. Kids discuss the foods they like and dislike in a series of activities that include magazine cut-outs, singing a song about cheese, playing a group game, and reading a short story about "The Hungry Snake."

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have kids rotate through the activities in small groups at stations in your classroom
  • Assign the extension activities as homework or extra practice
  • Bring the lesson into a unit about foods or preferences
  • Have kids come up with their own song about foods they like and dislike, either as a class, in partners, or individually
Classroom Considerations

  • Designed for English learners, but helpful for younger kids in a mainstream class as well

  • Auxiliary materials are available at the publisher's website
  • Variety of activities are sure to engage learners of all reading levels and interests
  • Comes with supplemental lesson plans and teacher references tools (attached)

  • None