Lesson Plan

Locomotor and Object Control Stations

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This Locomotor and Object Control Stations lesson plan also includes:

Develop children's basic locomotor and object control skills with an invigorating Adaptive PE lesson. A series of four, timed stations engaged the class in playing a game of Twister, walking on a balance beam, throwing bean bags, and more, all to the sound of some motivating music!

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Instructional Ideas
  • Activities can be adapted to meet students' IEP goals
  • Let children choose their favorite songs to listen to while exercising
Classroom Considerations
  • Make sure there is plenty of room for each activity station
  • The timer should be easily visible or audible for all players 
  • Not all schools participate in the S'cool Moves curriculum mentioned in resource
  • Intended for groups of up to six children, each with their own 1-on-1 instructional aide
  • The four stations allow for multiple skills to be practiced in a single lesson
  • Includes a map with suggestions for organizing the different activity stations 
  • Lesson does not offer modifications addressing specific types of disabilities students may have